To move the floating license server from one computer to another, it needs to be deactivated from the first computer before it can be activated on the second computer. To deactivate the floating license server instance, use the "-deact" command line switch:

  • Linux: sudo ./turbofloatserver -deact
  • Windows: .\TurboFloatServer.exe -deact

This will proceed with an online deactivation: it is done instantly but requires a working Internet connection.

To proceed with an offline deactivation (i.e. generate an offline activation request) then enter a file path using the "-deact" command line switch:

  • Linux: sudo ./turbofloatserver -deact="Location/To/OfflineReq.xml"
  • Windows: .\TurboFloatServer.exe -deact="C:\Location\To\OfflineReq.xml"

Then send the generated XML file to our support team at SUPPORT at IBE-SOFTWARE dot COM (replace at with @ and dot with .) so that we can mark your key as deactivated from that computer. Once done, you will be able to activate the floating license server on another computer.