Basic paragraph properties

The most used paragraph properties are easily accessible from HelpNDoc's "Write" ribbon tab.
These include: paragraph alignment, spacing, indentation, color options.

Paragraph borders and background

From HelpNDoc's "Write" ribbon tab, in the "Paragraph" group, click the "Paragraph Borders and Background" button to access borders and background settings for the currently selected paragraph.

Advanced paragraph properties

For greater control over paragraph properties, the "Paragraph" window can be accessed either:

  • From the "Write" ribbon tab, click the arrow at the bottom-right of the "Paragraph" group
  • Right-click in the topic editor to show the popup menu, then click "Paragraph..."

Paragraph window

Indents and spacing

Specify paragraph alignment, spacing and indentation properties.


Define tab stop position, alignments and leader characters for that paragraph.


Define outline level (heading level) and pagination settings:

  • Outline level: Define the heading level of that paragraph (e.g. heading 1, heading 2...). This is used to define the topic's inline table of contents.
  • Keep lines together: Paragraph is exported on one page, if possible
  • Keep with next: Paragraph is exported on the same page as the next paragraph, if possible
  • Widow/orphan control: Prevents page breaks after the first line and before the last line of the paragraph