The HelpNDoc's ribbon tabs are located at the top of the main window and provide all the features available within HelpNDoc in a categorized fashion. The ribbon tabs parts are:

  1. The main tabs - They are always visible and are used for the most important actions
  2. The tabs groups - When a tab is selected, it will display actions grouped by similar purpose
  3. Contextual tabs - Those tabs are only shown when needed. For example, the "Picture Tools" tab is only visible when a picture is selected

The Home tab

This tab provides access to the basic actions:

The Write tab

This tab gives access to actions needed to manage and format the topic editor's content:

The Insert tab

This tab provides access to inserting and importing actions:

  • Insert a picture, movie, document, HTML code, variable, snippets...
  • Insert a table, symbol, horizontal line, page break, condition...
  • Insert or Edit hyperlinks and anchors

The Tools tab

Access to various tools to manage HelpNDoc or the currently opened project: