The style editor is where style are created, customized and organized. The styles editor can be accessed via the arrow at the bottom right part of the "Styles" group in the "Write" ribbon tab.

Each style added in the style editor can be used throughout the project to format texts, paragraphs and links. Styles inherit from their parents any properties they do not explicitly define.

1. The style hierarchy shows a list of all the existing styles and their parents. A style can be selected to be edited. Styles can be added, deleted, imported and exported via the buttons bellow;

2. Common style properties including:

    • Name - The name of the style
    • Applicable to - Specify if the style is meant for text only, paragraph only or both;
    • Based on - Parent style this style refers to. Every parent properties are inherited except the ones edited for that specific style;
    • Style for following paragraph - Which style should be automatically applied when creating a paragraph after that style;
    • Quick access - If checked, the style will appear in the list in the "Styles" group of the "Write" ribbon tab;

3. Use the "Edit" links to access to customization dialogs for font, hyperlink, paragraph, border and background. Use the "Reset" button to reset to default.