Note: This feature might not be available on all editions of HelpNDoc. Check HelpNDoc's feature comparison page to learn more.

Word documents generated by HelpNDoc can be signed using an invisible signing certificate. Microsoft Word displays a message to confirm that a document has been signed by its author, and that it hasn't been altered since then. HelpNDoc supports CER, PEM and PFX encoded certificates.

Access the "Sign document" panel

Each Word build can be signed independently. To access the "Sign document" panel:

  • From HelpNDoc's "File" menu, click the top part of the "Generate help" button to show the "Generate documentation" window
  • Select a Word build in the build list
  • Click "Customize" if the build customization tabs are not visible yet
  • Navigate to the "Sign document" tab

Sign a Word document

Check the "Sign Document" checkbox to enable document signing for this build. Available options:

Option name


Signing certificate

Specify the file to use as the signing certificate. Supported formats: CER, PEM and PFX encoded certificates

Certificate password

Password for the signing certificate selected

Sign signature origin

Specifies whether to sign the XPS document's signature origin

Sign core properties

Sign core properties which are a set of elements that describe common and well-known properties of the document such as creator, version, revision...

Commitment type

Type of commitment made by the signer. E.g. "Created and approved this document"

Purpose for signing

Signer's purpose for signing this document

Signature info

Additional information about the signer