The library is a central storage place for media and third-party elements such as:

All those elements are stored within the library and can be re-used in any number of topics within the current project. Once an item is placed in the topic editor, it is linked to the corresponding library item and therefore any modification made to the library item will also be propagated to the all linked items. As an example, changing a picture in the library which has been placed in hundreds of topics, will automatically update all those topics to display the updated picture.

Adding a library item

There are multiple ways to add items in the library:

To insert an item from the library to the topic editor, either:

See the How to add an item to the library step-by-step guide.

Removing a library item

When an item is not needed anymore, it can be removed from the library:

Note: Deleting a library item from the library will not delete any instance of that item in the project's topics. This providing a way to review each topic individually and decide if that instance needs to be deleted or replaced. The project analyzer can be used to quickly spot and fix delete library items.

See the How to delete an item to the library step-by-step guide.