New script engine: faster, lighter, more robust

HelpNDoc 7 includes a brand new scripting engine. It is faster, lighter, and more reliable with better scripting capabilities. It is still based on the Pascal language and very few modifications are needed to update existing scripts and templates. See: Migrating scripts from V6 to V7

Markdown support

Starting with version 7.2, HelpNDoc can now generate markdown documentation files template support. Markdown is a simple markup language which is often used by static web-site generators. It has the benefits of being easy to read, while being versatile and platform-agnostic. It is also version control friendly.
Starting with version 7.3, HelpNDoc can also import markdown files either as new topics, or as internal or external library items.

New PDF generator: faster, better results

The new PDF generator produces better looking PDF documents faster and using less memory. It fixes multiple problems with the previous PDF generator such as incorrectly drawn symbol characters... It is still possible to use the legacy PDF generator if needed. See: Options window
Starting with version 7.2, topic titles will start on a new page when the next paragraph or image doesn't fit in the current page (aka. keep with next).

New DocX importer: 40 times faster, better import

The brand new DocX importer included in HelpNDoc 7 is much faster than the previous one, it uses far less memory, and better handles the Microsoft Word DocX specification. It is still possible to use the legacy DocX imported if needed. See: Options window

"Counter" library items

A new library item type has been added: counters. They can be used to count items (such as figures, tables...) throughout the project. Using their unique identifiers, it is possible to create hyperlinks to counters, no matter where they are located within the project.. See: Counter library item

Improved HTML generation

The default HTML template can now optionally display a resize bar between the table of contents and the topics content. It is possible to add an "In this article" inline table of contents to topics and to hide the left panel. It has also been improved to fix security issues, better handle image maps, and has improved accessibility.
It also includes improved SEO techniques and enhanced Core Web Vitals reports for higher and better placements in search engines.

New project: import other project's table of contents

When creating a new project, it is not possible to import the table of contents of existing HelpNDoc projects, as well as CHM help files, and HHP project source code. See: Create a new project

Hyperlinks for library items

Library items such as variables, system variables and bar codes can now have a hyperlink defined. This was not possible in earlier versions of HelpNDoc.

Backup project

HelpNDoc 7 includes a handy feature to backup projects: it automatically appends the current date time and place backup in a predefined location for easy retrieval if needed. See: Backing up projects

Enhanced spell checker

The project-wide spell checker can now not only process topics, but also snippets present in the library.

Default picture and image map settings

Specify default picture alignment, alternative text, size, margins... in the library, and HelpNDoc will automatically use those settings when the picture or image map is inserted into a topic.

Additional barcode symbologies support

HelpNDoc 7 now supports the following barcode formats: Code 11, Code 128, Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Code 93, Code 93 Extended, EAN-8, EAN-13, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, QR Code, UPC-A and UPC-E.

Bug fixes

Many bugs are fixed with each release as indicated in the "What's new" page. Some of them include:

  • Better generation of all documentation formats
  • Enhanced script and template warning and information messages
  • Cleaning the output directory now sends files to recycle bin instead of deleting permanently
  • Improved project analyzer
  • Faster and enhanced syntax highlighter with custom font support
  • Fixed issues with some command line options
  • Improved Setup look and feel, and behavior
  • Various performance improvements
  • And much more...