You can check the detailed release history in HelpNDoc's what's new page.

HelpNDoc is now a 64-bit application

HelpNDoc has been updated to fully support the latest and greatest computer architectures and processors for faster and more efficient operations: it can now access more system memory and performs faster in most circumstances.

Build-in image editor

HelpNDoc now includes a built-in image editor which allows the seamless creation and editing of multi-layered images while preserving original image data for future modifications. See: Image editor 

Equation library item

HelpNDoc now includes an equation editor which can be used to define mathematical expressions. Equations are stored within the project's library and can be reused project-wide. See: Equation library item 

Ability to override styles for each build

Each build can optionally override one or all styles used throughout the project for truly customized documentation output for specific targets. See: Override styles 

SVG image support

HelpNDoc now supports SVG images which are scalable vector graphics and can adapt to any screen sizes without any loss of quality. Most documentation formats handle this image format for smoother and greater display quality.

Word and PDF document signing

Word and PDF documents can be signed using an invisible digital signature to insure their integrity. See: Sign documents 

Word document encryption

Word documents can be password protected and encrypted using strong encryption algorithms. See: Encrypt Word documents 

PDF document encryption

New strong encryption algorithms for PDF documents: RC4 40 bits, RC4 128 bits, AES 128 bits, AES 256 bits and AES 256 bits with hardened key generation. See: Encrypt PDF documents 

Build actions

Run actions (such as showing a message, running a script or an external program, perform HTTP requests) before or after the generation process. See: Build actions 

Secured storage of secrets within HND project files

Secrets such as passwords are now securely stored in HND project files using a strong encryption algorithm. API methods are also available to store custom secrets within HND project files.

Mass update and delete hyperlinks from the project analyzer

The project analyzer can be used to update all selected hyperlinks throughout the project, or delete them altogether.

Redesigned auto-complete dialog

In the topic editor, use the CTRL+SPACE keyboard shortcut to rapidly insert hyperlinks or library items. See: Keyboard auto-completion 

Table of contents, Library and Keywords toolbar and filtering

To simplify tree management, a toolbar can be optionally displayed in the table of contents, library and keywords panel. It can also be used to filter items based on various conditions. See:

New project starter kits

Jumpstart new documentation projects from various project blueprints: API documentation, Cooking recipes, Mobile app, Software documentation...

Some other improvements and bug fixes

Many bugs are fixed with each release as indicated in the "What's new" page. Some of them include:

  • Improved application startup time and overall responsiveness
  • Improved reliability and speed of HND project file format
  • Improved project analyzer with list of individual characters throughout the project and additional statistics
  • Find and replace dialog can find hyperlinks based on various conditions such as kind of hyperlink, target, extra parameters...
  • Greatly improved documentation generation time for medium to large documentation projects
  • Greatly improved Qt help generation by fixing limitations and quirks of the topic viewer, making images responsive...
  • Faster and more reliable script and template execution
  • Improved template flexibility with easily accessible overrides
  • Better import of split Word DocX documents. See: Split imported documents 
  • Improved syntax highlighter
  • Enhanced WinHelp HLP file import
  • And much more...